Advanced Workshop + Open level Swing Out Workshop!

On Sunday 25th September we’ll be holding two fantastic Workshops.  Firstly an Advanced Workshop for our more experienced students followed by an open level Swing Out Workshop for any Swing dancers looking to improve on their Swing Outs!  Details as follows…


Briefly on hiatus as Ruth and I taught abroard the Advanced Workshops have returned!

The Advanced Workshops are for those of a Lindy 3 level, meaning you’re either at the high end of Lindy 2 or above.  Come on down and get an extra kick of cool moves and detailed technique to take your dancing further.

WHERE: North Perth Town Hall, 26 View Street, North Perth

WHEN: 1.00pm – 2.30pm, Sunday 25th September

COST: $20



The Swing Out is the most important move in Lindy Hop and, if asked, the favourite move of any and all Lindy Hoppers around the world.

Because of this, working on your Swing Out is essential but, more importantly, a good Swing Out leads to improved dancing technique.  It requires good connection, balance and rhythm which are the backbones of the dance.

We don€™t get as much time as we€™d like in class to concentrate on the Swing Out so we€™ll be running a specific Swing Out Clinic to concentrate on everything you need for the perfect Swing Out.

WHERE: North Perth Town Hall, 26 View Street, North Perth

WHEN: 2.45pm – 4.15pm, Sunday 25th September

COST: $20