Review: 10th August

Can you spot anything unusual in this photo? Go on, look closely. That’s right… it’s the old switch-a-roonie! Leads became follows and follows became leads.

The result? A room full of ladies who embraced with relish their “man arm”, plus a high number of our men who were wooed by the seductive art of following.

It’s funny how stepping into someone else’s shoes can show you a new way to walk, or dance for that matter, and I’m not just talking metaphorically (Roxy – I happen to think Ryland’s shoes looked great on you!). Mixing things up gave both leads and follows (and ‘follows’ and ‘leads’) a great appreciation for ‘the other side’ of the lindy partnership and an insight into ways to improve their own dancing. Keep mixing it up crew, we’d love to see some switching on the social dance floor and some busting out of Johnny’s Drop, Suzie Q’s, and some Charleston jumps.

Ryland and Kate