Beginner Tip – Swingin’ Tunes

Beginner Tip – Swingin’ Tunes

Often when we’re learning to dance we neglect a really important part of all of this…the music.

We’re so caught up in the footwork, the moves…leading, following, triple steps…there’s a lot to take in and we get distracted!. The thing to remember is, at the heart of all of this, is the music.

Listen to Jazz music, it’s good for you…

Music comes first, dances come second.. No-one sits around creating an entirely new dance style and then wonders, what kind of music would go with this?. A music style is born, people listen to it and, before long, they’re moving to it in a very particular way.

When you’re learning to Swing dance a key factor in helping you to know how to move and how to feel the rhythms is to listen to the music…a lot.. Listen to it at home, listen to it at work, listen to it when you’re driving.

LISTEN to Jazz in the car, don’t practice your footwork!

Before long you’ll be able to hear things in the music you never quite picked up before, not only musicality but also, at a very basic level, when to start.

At the very least you’re going to be having a great time listening to the music that defined a generation of people.

If you need music to listen to, check out our Swing It Spotify playlist!