Monday Night Classes Are Changing

Subiaco and North Perth classes are about to change in help our Level 1s move through to Level 2.. If you’re one of our Monday night regulars, read on for all of the details…

Monday Night classes will soon be changing. Currently we have Level 1 in North Perth (with Lewis & Christine) and Levels 2&3 in Subiaco (with Shane & Kat) however Level 1 in North Perth will be finishing and moving to Subiaco. As of MAY 12th Subiaco will be running a Level 1 at 7pm and a Level 2 at 8pm with Kat & Lewis!

May 5th = Final classes as they are. Level 1 North Perth 8pm. Levels 2 & 3 Subiaco from 7pm.

May 12th = New class format. No Monday night classes in North Perth. Level 1 at 7pm, Level 2 at 8pm in Subiaco.

A HUUUUGE thank you to Lewis & Christine for their amazing work at North Perth. They did a wonderful job and this shuffle is simply to better allow our Monday night students a way of moving from Level 1 to Level 2.

For now there will be no Level 3 on Monday nights. If we get enough interest we’ll bring it back but for now you can get your Level 3 fix on Tuesday nights in North Perth at 8.30 or Wednesday nights in Subiaco at 8pm.