Class Reviews: Manning!

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I grew up being surrounded by a culture preoccupied with ‘secret recipes’ and ‘special ingredients’. If it wasn’t Cadbury clamoring on about a ‘glass and a half’ it was Kentucky Fried Chicken (not KFC, Kiddies) and their ‘special 12 herbs and spices’ (not to mention 15 different kinds of fat). Then there was Coke and their almighty ‘secret recipe’ (one that apparently saw the only two men that knew what it traveling separately on flights – Possibly due to their habit of shouting it out loud at each other).

Last night we explored a new kind of secret recipe, one that shook the very foundations of our perceptions and redefined our Lindy Hop world! “How to get the ‘Sugar’ into ‘Sugar Pushes'”

Needless to say everyone developed their own style and way of achieving this incredibly daunting task but, as it stands, all were successful! A special mention to Adrian, Tina and Katelyn; great seeing you guys back!

A big tip of the hat goes to our Lindy 3 mob for doing a stellar job with our infinite amount of Tuck Turn variations! Outstanding work!