Class Reviews: Mt Lawley!

mt lawley dance class lindy hop swing perth

The man of the night was saxophonist Sidney Bechet (above), who was one of the first important soloists in jazz. Jarrad got the classes a-hopping with swinging numbers by this jazz great.

Every great story has a great ending. When it doesn’t, there is no satisfaction, no catharsis. A mediocre ending can lead to a mediocre story. This metaphor is entirely applicable to dance, and I like to think of Tuesday night as a great story, purely because it had great endings:
the rain ended earlier in the day, Lindy 1 ended with phenomenal social dancing, and Lindy 2 was chock-a-block with endings as we tackled our class: “How To End Dances Good If You Don’t Know How To End Dances Good”! We assure you, they can end dances good well now… Especially Ken: buddy, that Charleston Kick-up is your move now! Well done.

– Lexi