Class Reviews: Subiaco!

There are times in life where you’re greeted with what some might call a “titanic” sight, or perhaps even “something to behold” (which is really just a lofty way of saying “something to look at” which actually doesn’t sound all that impressive…so let’s go with “titanic”): The launching of a mighty ship, the view from atop a towering peak, Barry White in person. Last night I was greeted by a site that, quite frankly, goes to the top of that list…30 screaming Lindy Hoppers kicking at my head! What’s up with that?!

Last night’s classes were outstanding, and not just the classes; the Stomp has hit a new level of…stompness (except Dom didn’t show when he said he would which, to be honest, put a real downer on the whole night. Thanks, Dom). We had Jim going crazy in Lindy 2, Nash impressing the women in Lindy 1 and then, whilst the night was packed, full kudos go to Pete for his impressive double “sole” slide at the end of the Stomp.

No wonder I look forward to Monday nights!