Class Reviews: Subiaco!

It was our second week into the new school and it was even bigger and better than the last!

Lindy 1

It was a new rhythm and a whole new move tonight as we delved into the world of the Lindy Circle!  Regardless of the gasps of horror when you first saw it the entire class well and truly had a grasp on the move by the end of the night.  There was such a huge improvement on last week and Ruth & I were over the moon to see everyone doing so well and having such a great time.  Next week it’s Swing Out so practice those rhythms and get ready for some fun!

Lindy 2

Right hand leads into classic moves was the theme of this class as well as the wild Orbit!  Like anything we do tonight focused on frame and connection but this time we dealt with more intricate leading.  Keep the leads small and sharp if that’s the reaction you want from you follows guys, practice it all on the social dance floor and you’ll have it perfected in no time.

Subiaco Stomp

Again we had a great night of dancing as the Stomp picked up steam.  New lighting and a new feel to the night combined with (as always) great DJing from Trev made the night a real treat (as did the take out!).  If you haven’t checked it out yet you’re really missing something!

See you on the floor everyone!