Class Reviews: Subiaco!

The energy is really amping up at Subiaco after an energetic Lindy 1, a packed Lindy 2 and another fantastic night of dancing at the Stomp!

Lindy 1

The introduction to the Swing out is always fun, perhaps a little overwhelming, but still fun!  Ruth and I were really impressed by how well the class picked this up and we’re looking forward to refining it next week to have it feeling spot on.  Practice your basic rhythms and you’ll have an easier time next week for sure.  Also remember that next week’s Lindy 1 will be at 8.00pm!

Lindy 2

Double hand leads were the go this week and it was great to see everyone getting into it and nailing those transitions.  Remember to catch the arm early, leads, in order to make it nice and smooth for the follows.  Hopefully we’ll be seeing the “Janet Special” out on the floor this weekend!

Subiaco Stomp 

More great music and more sensational dancing!  The mood of the Stomp is definitely set at a welcoming “mello” with the occasional bouts of wild craziness.  Head on down for the perfect way to spend your Monday nights!

See you on the floor, Everyone!