Class Reviews: Subiaco!

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I often find myself wondering about many things; Is Coke really better than Pepsi? If Pluto was a dog then what does that make Goofy? And, in this instance, when Lindy Hop was created did they ever envisage a move called the ‘Buzzsaw’? How about the ‘Switchblade’ or the ‘Guillotine’ or the ‘Twist Of Fate’? I’m guessing not, however last night in Subiaco we laughed in the face of tradition and created moves that lived up to the name of ATTACK OF THE KILLER CHARLESTON!

It was a packed house brimming with enthusiasm and bursting with energy! Ruth and I had the time of our lives throwing variation after variation at the Lindy 2s and watching everyone make them their own. Well done to everyone and remember you have a chance for a refresher of the class Tuesday night in Mt Lawley and Wednesday night in Manning!

It was also the first week of our new Beginner course in Subiaco and a big shout out goes out to the class not only for doing so well but for sticking around for a dance afterwards! Which reminds me…the Stomp was PACKED last night with record numbers. Good to see the hardcore social dancers coming out of the woodwork!