Class Reviews: Subiaco!

perth subiaco swing dance

If you were there last night then you’re acutely aware that it was, without a doubt, one of the best Monday night’s we’ve ever had!

Lindy 2 were learning the ways of their inner Lindy Hopper via blind leading and role reversals. The mood was fun and highly boisterous and we loved every second of it. We had the girls trying to use their ‘man arm’ and the guys taking FULL advantage of their ‘shine time’. A big congratulations goes out to Rob who experienced his first Lindy 2!! Well done, Mate.

Lindy 1 graduated with flying colours and looked outstanding. The final social dance of the class was a really impressive one and a great kick off to the Subiaco Stomp…

The Stomp to end all Stomps – Well, we certainly had a sensational turn out last night to hear Jess play. My GOODNESS! It’s not quite the biggest we’ve ever had but it was dangerously close and made for an insanely good dancing night! The room was PACKED and the music was an absolute treat. A very big thank you to Jess for DJing the event and, clearly, being responsible for the wonderful turn out.

NEXT WEEK: Our last Subiaco class for the year!