Class Reviews: Manning!

swing dance class perth

Yet another exciting and altogether packed house this last Wednesday night at Manning.

We had a new beginners first up with a bunch of new faces and some old favorites (it was a real treat seeing the Lindy 2s dancing it up with them in what would have been their first Lindy social dance ever!).

Next up was the Slow Dancing class and it was brilliant seeing how much everyone had improved from the first Slow Dancing lesson to this one (and yes I’m looking at you Ken). Smooth movement, solid grounding and some really great styling made the class even more enjoyable to teach! We’ve got one more to go for the year so it’ll be a triple hit of great Slow Dancing classes…imagine how good you’ll look next week!

Lastly we had our “5 Moves To Scare Your Grandmother With” class and this was a REAL joy, let me tell you. I know we had some very, very sore Lindy Hoppers the next day but wasn’t it worth it? We were jumping, leaping, bending and dropping; all in an effort to get a little DANGER into our dancing! (Personally I think we managed to find Keiran’s favorite move…ever).

NEXT WEEK: More Slow Dancing, the last of our ‘5 Moves’ series and the last you’ll see of Manning till 2008!!