Class Reviews: Mt Lawley!

Tuesday’s classes started off with Lexi trying to get the Lindy 1s to do a move they didn’t know. Thankfully, it was all uphill from there, and everyone was looking fabulous in the lead up to their imminent graduation. Well done, guys. You’ll learn that move next week!

As for Lindy 2, I don’t think we’ve ever had more fun. After some good old fashioned dancing-with-eyes-closed, we swapped roles and got a little taste of what our partner experiences when we dance with them. Everyone did an amazing job, but our stars for the night were definitely Rob – whose styling outdid even me, and Bindi – who has never looked more strong.

Next week, t’will be the class before Christmas and Lexi will make Jarrad dress up against his will. Then join us on January 8th to christen our fabulous new hall – the even of all the other Swing It! halls.

– Lexi