Class Reviews: Subiaco!

perth swing dance subiaco

The final class and the final Subiaco Stomp of the year for Swing It! Subiaco and what a way to finish off! We even had a very special guest; the man that taught Ruth and I to Lindy Hop, Mr Roger Schmidlin!

We’re currently in the process of attempting to upload some footage of the Lindy 2s in class because, frankly, they were THAT good! Ruth and I were, clearly, very excited and impressed with how well everyone did in our last class and the battle between ‘Team Omega’ and ‘Team Amazing’ was spectacular to behold.

The Subiaco Stomp was a HEAP of fun with a spontaneous performance by our Lindy 2s, a huge Shim Sham and more cakes, cookies and rum balls than you could shake a stick at!

Here’s to another brilliant year in Subiaco!!