Class Reviews: Subiaco!

It was graduation night for Subiaco’s first Introductory Course and whilst the hats didn’t fly the dancing certainly amped up as the Subiaco Stomp welcomed its first injection of new Lindy Hoppers!

Lindy 1

Final night of the course and it was an evening of Swing Out tweaks and fine tuning. We managed to get some extra point in tonight as the class was doing extremely well with the Swing Out rhythm. Remember to wait, girls, the key to good following is to allow yourself to be led! And, guys, remember to lead good, solid body leads to let our follows know where we’d like them to go! Congratulations on finishing your course, everyone, you did really well and we were over the moon watching you all dance it up at the Stomp afterwards. Social dancing is the key some come down every week and practice those moves!

Lindy 2

The Lindy 2s were treated to a slow styling class. Not all Lindy Hop is crazy fast so being able to alter your body’s reaction to musical style and speed is a must! The trick to everything we did tonight is body, body, body. Remember leads, if you want her to follow the rhythm or movement you’re setting up the best way to convey that is to move your body more. The clearer the body leads the easier it is for the follows to pick up what you’re doing. And follows, let’s see those awesome switches this weekend on the floor!

Subiaco Stomp

The Stomp was a packed house as it kicked off with a good blend of experienced and new dancers taking to the floor. Once again the tunes were provided by the extremely talented Trevor Hutchison and the dancers loved every minute of it. All are welcome so come on down and take part in the fun!