Class Reviews: Subiaco!

What a fantastic start to the year and to the new Subiaco school! A fantastic turn out of enthusiastic people, a great old hall and a fantastic after class dance. Who could ask for more??

Lindy 1

A very big welcome to all our new Lindy 1s and as always we hope the Lindy Bug bites and you decide to stay with us. As for the hall, well we’re definitely going to be remodeling the layout of the hall for next week…AND the method of rotation (yes I know, that wasn’t one of my brightest moments). The Charlestons were looking great but more importantly everyone looked like that were having a great time! Remember to practice those basic rhythms in preparation for next week. Before the course is over you’ll be dancing up a storm!

Lindy 2

As promised I brought in Lindy 2 earlier than planned due to the demand and it was a great class. The hall has a wonderful atmosphere that makes for more personal classes and Ruth and I enjoyed it immensely. We did Fly Highs this week which is a perfect move to be done at faster paces (or with Ruth since she loves it). Keep your body rotation arching around, aim for a figure eight and you should end up doing them smooth and fast!

Subiaco Stomp

Thanks to everyone that supported the first Subiaco Stomp! It was a great, chilled out evening of dancing and fun as people practiced as well as social danced. This week the tunes were loosely brought to us by Trev “The Hutch” Hutchison and as always they made the night.

See everyone next week for more dancing, fun and wackyness!