Class Reviews: Vic Park!

Another big week and sadly a late review due to a combination of too much fun (beach) and website hassles (grrr).

Lindy 1

It was an introduction to the Swing Out this week! The greatest move in the dance can be a little intimidating to begin with but trust us, before long you’ll be loving it! Practice those new rhythms and get ready for some fine tuning in Week 4. And for those of you looking for more fun don’t forget you can stick around for a free Lindy 2 class after the Week 4 class!

Lindy 2

The leading got a little tricky as we dealt with cross hand leads. All those classic moves become new challenges with a simple swap of the hand. Change early guys and you’ll have no problem leading your follow into her next move. Remember, clear, solid leads and you’re all set!

Lindy 3

We played around with a classic Swing move in this class and then ventured into some new rhythms and movement styles. Work on that connection, practice as often as you can and it’ll all come very natural soon enough!

That’s all from me. See everyone for the next Vic Park classes and remember, Jojo will be teaching the next several Lindy 3 classes so don’t miss out!