Class Reviews: Victoria Park!

Swing Dancing Class Swing It Victoria Park Perth

Thank you to everyone that came down and took part in our Double Specialty Class Spectacular! Again the Shim Sham class was over flowing with enthusiasm (and the occasional painful groans) as we tore through some complex jazz steps as though they were just a walk in the park (one that was apparently quite difficult though with some spontaneous jumping about). It was wonderful to see so many of you absolutely nailing it and, as was the case with Kim, not being afraid to shout about it (well done, Mate).

The Slow Dancing class, again, was a huge success. Gone are the clunky, side to side, Blue Light Disco movements! In their place now stand stylish, graceful, knee-weakening moves that could possibly kill the weak at heart they’re so impressive (and we’re not just talking about Nash!).

We hope everyone enjoyed themselves and enjoyed our new venue and we offer a big welcome to all those that were taking part in our classes for the first time.

See you next week!