Swing It! offers Swing dance classes that cater for a variety of levels with the focus being on the authentic 1920s and 30s Lindy Hop style.  Our emphasis is on delivering an exciting and enthusiastic approach to the dance that defined a generation and is still going strong all around the world today!

What Level Are You?


So you’re a total beginner and you’ve never done Swing Dancing before? Maybe you’ve never even done any dancing before? That’s more than okay. Our Level 1 Courses are for absolute beginners and are a lot of fun. Click on the link below to see more about our Level 1 courses.


If you’ve done Swing Dancing before we’ve definitely got you covered. Our Level 2 class is aimed at intermediate students or anyone that’s completed our Level 1 Course. We also have Level 3 classes for the more advanced Swing Dancers. If you want to learn more, click on the link below.

Level 1

The best part about our Level 1 classes is you don’t need any experience whatsoever. The next best thing? You can start whenever you like.

All of our Level 1 classes run as “drop in” classes. That means new people can start each week and we’ll always be covering the important basic steps of the dance. We start you off with the basics every class and then give you different material to have fun with.

After 5 weeks in Level 1 it’s time for Level 2!

Level 2 

Our Level 2 classes are drop in classes which means there’s no course structure. Each week you’ll be offered a chance to work on your fundamental basics as well as learning some new steps and techniques. Level 2 focuses on the “classic” Lindy Hop moves of the era and is the next, small step up from Level 1.

After 20 weeks in Level 2 it’s time for Level 3!

Level 3 

Level 3 is our advanced classes. This is where you learn more complicated classic moves as well as new moves and advanced techniques. You’ll be challenged in Level 3 but in a super fun way!

Specialty Workshops

Swing It! regularly run exciting Specialty Workshops focusing on a range of topics including Air Steps, Solo Charleston, Solo Jazz and much more. Swing It also feature large scale workshops staring some of the best Swing dance instructors in the world. For more information on dates and times sign up for our weekly newsletter.