MLX, the Perth invasion

For those of you that don’t know, Melbourne just held a national/international Swing dance event known as MLX (Melbourne Lindy Exchange).  As always Perth dancers flew over to join in on the fun but this year there was a record 30+ dancers there!  It was a four day event with dancing from 8:00pm till 6:00am every night.

The reason I mention this is because of the incredible impact a number of our newer dancers had on the Melbourne dance scene.  Your passion, energy and wild approach to the dance won them all over and it was a pleasure to behold.

A very big thank you and slap on the back goes to some special stars: Jarrad, Lexi, Moss, Jac, Peter, Elly, Jack, Nadia and Annie for their fantastic (and spontanious) performance on the final night.  You guys were exceptional!!  Well done.

And a very special mention to Perth’s number one star Ms Elly Squire with her mind blowing swivels.  Go, Elly!