New Lindy 1 & Lindy 2 Tonight

I have to admit I love the rain. I’m a firm believer in there not actually being any ‘bad weather’, just different weather (how can storms be bad weather when they’re the best time to have a hot drink and sit in front of an open fire?). With that in mind however, tonight we’ve got the perfect recipe for warming up those limbs and bringing a smile to your face on this drizzly day (well, more of a downpour really).

Tonight in Subiaco we have two new courses starting! We have Week 1 of our Lindy 1 and our Lindy 2 courses. Lindy 1, as always, is our intro to Swing where we show you the basic figures and rhythms of Lindy Hop and Lindy 2 this time ’round is “Styling Your Basics”.

Styling Your Basics will focus on the many and varied ways you can style up your dancing; from great moves to great variations to great personal flare; it’s all included.

See you there tonight!

Oh and, Matt? The coffee’s making a come back.