New Year's Jack & Jill!

The New Year’s Stomp is approaching fast as is the star of the evening, the NYS Jack & Jill! The Jack & Jill is open to everyone regardless of dance experience. Not only will it be a lot of fun but it’s free to enter and the prize is a BIGGY!

All contestants enter as individuals, not partners, and will be judged accordingly until the Finals where you’ll be judged as a couple. Jack & Jills are designed to show how dancers respond and react to different partners and, overall, how they respond to the music (for more information see the New Year’s Stomp page).

Everyone needs to have signed up by 8.00PM on December 31st. Sign ups are available at class or simply be emailing me through the site with your full name and request to enter.

It’s open to everyone so let’s see you all on the floor. You never know who’s going to win!!