Swing It! welcomes a new teacher!

Wednesday 20th will see the arrival of a new teacher for Swing It!  I’m very excited to announce that Ruth Jeffery, one of the best Swing dancers Perth has ever seen, will be my teaching partner for Lindy 2 and Lindy 3.  Not only that but Ruth will be the new regular teacher for the Vic Park classes!

Ruth has been dancing abroad for over a year now and will be returning home this week, much to the excitment of many of us here in Perth.  Ruth has been wowing Perth and Melbourne for years and won the AJC Fast Foot competition in 2003 with her brother Guy.

Of course this most certainly doesn’t mean you’ve seen the last of Mel’s fantastic personality and teaching either!  Teaching with Mel has been an absolute joy and Swing It! has much more in store for her next year!