This week at Swing It!

Second last week of classes as we make our way to the Christmas break.  However nothing’s slowing down as we had a great night of Charleston AND Lindy Hop!

Charleston Pt 1

Sharon’s first class for Swing It! kicked off sensationally as she led everyone through the basics of Charleston and into some flare and style!  There wasn’t a person in the room that didn’t have the Charleston look going by the end of it and there’s more to come next week!  Pt 2 will also include the basic Charleston rhythms for those of you that missed out this week and want to catch up in the second class.  Well done and welcome, Shaz!

Lindy 2

A night of Texas and me without my cowboy hat.  It was Texas Tommies and Texas variations this week.  It was great to see everyone doing so well; the thing to remember this week is to stay relaxed, go easy on the girl’s arms and that all the momentum you need is in the five!  Stand outs were clearly Catherine and Grant; congratulations on moving up!

Lindy 3

Spins!  Yes it was a class on spinning this week and it was a heap of fun too!  A good serve of technique and two very cool moves and what do you get?  Jarrad looking awesome apparently.  Keep your weight over your foot when you’re spinning, get some good prep and you’re right as rain.  As for who really stood out?  Well it was one of those classes that just impressed the hell out of me.  Jarrad was looking amazing, Fiona was really blowing us away and then we had Pete and Natsuko stealing the show.  How can you go wrong??

This week was also the last week for Mel at Vic Park (at least for a little while).  Next week she’s off to China then when Swing It! returns Jan 3rd there will be a new teacher filling the role (see above).  Teaching with Mel has been an absolute joy and honour and I know everyone has enjoyed her classes immensely!  This isn’t the end for Mel though!  In the meantime thanks so much, Mel, for everything you’ve done so far and for making Swing, as always, a riot.  You’re the best!

See you on the floor everyone!