Online Store

Welcome to our online store page! Here can purchase several things…

  • Star Cards: These cards have five lessons on them and can be used at any location and they never expire! This is an easier and cheaper way to buy classes.
  • Private Lessons: These are one on one lessons for our established students to help them improve on their technique.
  • Vouchers: These can be used as perfect, personalised gifts for friends or family. They work like Star Cards but are nicer for pressies.

Star Cards

Whilst you have the option at all venues to buy a casual class (one class), there’s a better, cheaper option…our lovely Star Cards! Star Cards are a five class block that you can purchase and use as quickly or as slowly as you like…they never expire! You can purchase your Star Card at the link below. When you do a coupon will be emailed to you one it’s processed and you can hang on to that until you’re ready to redeem it at any of our venues for a Star Card. Exciting!

Private Lessons

One on one feedback makes a dramatic difference to your dancing. Swing It offers private lessons for beginners all the way up to advanced dancers.

Shane is an international level Swing instructor with almost two decades of dance & teaching experience and will tailor make each lesson to suit each individual dancer.

Private lessons run for one hour, they cost $80 and can be for one or two students within that hour.


Taking up dancing can seem scary at first but it’s really not, it’s fun. SO much fun!

Need a Birthday present?  Christmas present?  Looking to just cheer someone up or make them feel special?  Swing It has you covered.

Buying unique gifts for people can be tricky but with a Swing It gift voucher you’re guaranteed to have something different.  A Swing It dance class will get someone moving, having a great time and allow them to meet SO many new people.