Perth Lindy Jam 2016

It was Perth Lindy Jam time again and, once again, it was a crazy fun weekend filled with dancing, workshops and socialising.  Each year the weekend gets better and better and this year was no different!

PLJ16_5376 PLJ16_5384 PLJ16_5388 PLJ16_5396 PLJ16_5397 PLJ16_5400 PLJ16_5407 PLJ16_5410 PLJ16_5411 PLJ16_5415 PLJ16_5427 PLJ16_7186 PLJ16_7604 PLJ16_7622 PLJ16_7651 PLJ16_7663 PLJ16_7664 PLJ16_7665 PLJ16_7678 PLJ16_7693 PLJ16_7695 PLJ16_7705 PLJ16_7714 PLJ16_7724 PLJ16_7728 PLJ16_7733 PLJ16_7737 PLJ16_7746 PLJ16_7751 PLJ16_7763 PLJ16_7785