PLEASE NOTE: All Swing It classes and events are currently on hiatus in response to the Covid-19 outbreak. You can see the official announcement HERE. In the meantime you are welcome to purchase a course or Star Card as classes WILL be returning once the worst of the outbreak has passed. You also have the option of purchasing Private Lessons HERE where a teacher can come out to you. Thank you and stay tuned for news of our return.


Super keen and ready to go? You can purchase our fantastic Beginner classes below. Each class takes you from absolute basics all the way to being able to dance by the end of class! Each weekly class is designed to be someone’s first while at the same time offering new moves and material.  No experience or partner necessary and you can start whenever you like just turn up!  The Level 1 syllabus covers 5 weeks of material but it doesn’t matter when you start, imagine it as a course that starts whenever you do.  Once you’ve done your 5 weeks in Level 1 it’s time to move up to Level 2. (Of course, if you prefer, you can simply turn up on the night and pay at the door rather than paying online, no booking required).

Beginner Intro Offer

$ 60
  • Our five week beginner course
  • Valid at all venues
  • Start when you like, no expiry
Buy Online

Single Class

$ 20
  • Single class
  • Valid at all venues
Buy Online

Regular Class Costs

$60 for five classes (that’s only $12 a class!).

$60 will get you a Star Card which gives you 5 classes that you can use at any venue (there’s no expiry date on the card so you can spread them out if you need to).

Star Cards can be purchased at the links above or at any of our venues.

$20 for one class


Yes but it starts when you do. We cover the basic steps every week so each class is designed to be someone’s first. Each week you’ll cover the basics and then learn new material. There’s a five week rotating syllabus and you can start at any time.

It’s best to come every week as there’s new moves and material each time and consistent learning has great benefits. However if you miss a week (or a few) due to work or life then you can easily do a make up class to catch up on the material you missed.

Within a week each venue is covering a different number of our rotating syllabus. Subiaco on Monday might be teaching Week 1 while North Perth is teaching Week 2 or 3. So if you miss a week then you can easily catch up on the number you missed within the next week by going to more than one venue. As long as you’re covering Weeks 1 – 5 you’re all good, and you can do that in any order and, if you like, by doing more than one class in a week.

Not at all. Your goal is to cover the five weeks of material and you can move between venues whenever you choose as you do this.

When you buy your five week course you’ll receive a Star Card. This has your classes on it and needs to be presented each time you attend class. Do these expire? No they don’t. You can use one class or two classes or however many you like and then take a reallllyyyy long break and those remaining classes are still yours to use!

Not at all, you can simply turn up to your first class.

No, we rotate partners in the class so you don’t need to bring a partner but we know it won’t take long before you’re bringing your friends!

Drink bottle, casual clothes, flat soled shoes…smile.

We accept cash at the door. If you go to Subiaco, North Perth or Vic Park we also accept card or smart phone payments.

Our Level 1 classes are a course and we definitely recommend you do all five classes. All five classes costs $60 which works out to $12 a class. If you absolutely only want to do a single class you can, a single class costs $20.

Unless you’ve had experience with Lindy Hop before you can’t. As dance professionals ourselves we strongly believe in learning a new dance from its foundation. Every dance is uniquely different and never more so than in the foundation and basic structure of the dance. We also teach basic moves like the Swing Out that are a requirement for moving into Level 2, without these you’re unable to attend that level.

The Level 1 syllabus covers 5 weeks of material. We continually cycle through all the moves and rhythms you need to know at this level so it doesn’t matter when you start. After 5 weeks you’ll want to be thinking of moving up or at least doing Level 1 & 2 together.