Review: 14th December

Our final Monday night class for 2009 and some of the best Swing Outs I’ve ever seen in all my years of teaching!Our final Lindy 1 course of the year finished up on a fantastic note.. Their final dance saw them wonderfully mixing 8 count, 6 count and Charleston in seamless fashion.. Well done to everyone that took part and we look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!

Lindy 2 was really something special as we started off with a continuation of our reverse moves before moving into Swing Out variations.. And wow, were those variations something special!. Everyone that was at the class can attest to how impressed I was by the Swing Outs on the night.. Perfect stretch, perfect waiting from the follows and perfect timing from the leads.. Amazing!. I couldn’t think of a better way to end the year.

And, on a bitter sweet note, we bid farewell to the Subiaco Stomp.. The Stomp has been running for years now but it has finally run its course.. A very big thank you to everyone that attended, filled the room and gave the Stomp the send off it deserved.