Review: 21st July

Lindy Hop at the Subiaco Stomp

This week we welcomed a fresh new group to our Lindy 1 class and kicked off (haha) our “Kickin’ it Old School” series of Charleston-based movements in Lindy 2!

After a much-needed warm up, the Lindy 1 class was introduced to a bit of background on this crazy dance called Lindy Hop, before plowing straight into some 6-count footwork. Of course, they are going to be diligently practicing their rock-step, triple-step, triple-steps ready for next week (right, folks?)

Next up was a whole lot of kicking for Lindy 2. We were kicking in every which way, and trying hard not to knee-cap, neuter or drop anybody. The night finished off with another room full of the Subiaco Stomp: definitely the best place to get your Monday night swing fix!

See you all at the Tri-School carnival this Saturday!