Review: 22nd July

Lindy Hop class in Subiaco

Welcome to everybody that joined us for our Lindy 1 beginners class in Subiaco this week!

Each week we post a short review of the classes here to help you remember what we covered! This was the first week of our 4 week introductory course. We introduced you to the “Lindy Hop” and started with some 6-count basics. We then used this rhythm to dance a variety of moves both in “closed” and “open” position. We’ll go over these again next class and introduce some new concepts, but in the meantime practice those rock-step, triple-step, triple-steps!

Lindy 2 saw the first week of 4 weeks of “Kickin it Old School”. This course will see a whole bunch of charleston and other kickin moves! We started with some kick-ups, added some jig-walks, and then flipped things over for some saucy kicks!

Lindy 3 featured guest teachers Jarrad and Lexi teaching us a bunch of moves from their personal Top 10 Most Awesomest Moves Ever list. Indeed everyone was totally schooled, and there was a truckload of awesome in the room.

You may notice some new (old?) faces teaching you next week. We welcome back regular teachers Shane and Ruth, who have been away teaching in Sweden at the world-famous Herrang Dance Camp! Perth is fortunate to have weekly access to world-class Lindy Hop teaching. Welcome them home with lots of inappropriate hugs, hollering and awkward gifts!