Review: 25th May

Lindy 1 saw this week saw the arrival of some new faces!  So to make them feel welcome we threw 145 moves at them! (not really, but still pretty close).

We even had time to get our Beyonce on with some Halo halo halo polishing, lovely.  Fizzy Izzy was a standout, and silver stars were a many with some really great questions!

Our Lindy 2€™s sunk to new lows this week, low swing outs of amazingness that is!

Sinking low on 1&2 ensured swing outs started on 3, which gave plenty of time for both leads and follows to slot in some great footwork variations.

We dealt out scissors, slides and spins and the Lindy 2€™s just ate them all up. Yum!

–Ryland & Katelyn