Review: 2nd December

Our fearless band of Mt Lawley Lindy 1 crusaders finally took off their training wheels last night and were given their official jitterbug licenses!

They attacked their swingouts with gusto, and the ladies blew us away with their sensational swivels. We were even more impressed by Renee and co for joining us at Greens after classes and giving us a thrashing at Connect Four. Congratulations everyone, we hope to see you busting a move on the social dance floor soon!

No longer the Coolest Moves You Aren’t Doing, because you’re now doing them, the Lindy 2s looked pretty damn cool doing their Arm-Over-The-Shoulder thingummy and the T-Drop.

Apologies to the followsfor all the spins and drops, but remember that while you may have been dizzy, your Awesomeness Factor was High.

Finally, a huge thankyou to Mindy for filling in so brilliantly for Aileen. Make sure you ask her to dance!