Review: 2nd May

Swing It shirts represented on Wednesday night!Lindy 2

There is one word for Lindy 2 this week; swing-out. Add a few more words; amazing, outstanding, brilliant, hardcore… and you have our Lindy 2 cohort in class this week. Seriously, you guys and gals were FANTASTIC. You got low, you got fast and you got stylish. There were wonderful individual “a-ha!” moments – like Jen discovering how to make 3&4 feel good, and Sarah realising she can swing-out a lot faster than she thought. As a group, watching you all swing-out, Chris and I couldn’t have had bigger smiles on our faces – and for that matter – nor could all of you. A top night all round! Also, props to Lawrence, Mark and Clay for sporting such sexy t-shirts – and Bec and Cait who teamed their t-shirts with matching polka dot skirts – awesome.

Lindy 1

We continued last week’s theme of Charleston, giving our lindy 1 a chance to really imprint the footwork into their expanding lindy brains. With the rhythm down, we then learnt how to get in, get out and get all around and about with Charleston! With some great fast songs, the energy was high and everyone got a fun filled work-out. Well done to Nick, Melissa and Danny – our newest members of the SwingIt family, you really nailed it!