Review: May 16th

Fuelled on fruit cools and anticipation class this week quickly rolled quickly into action!


Fresh from a beginners workshop, our new class member Laura was wide-eyed and in the deep end.

But boy was she dancing up a storm in no time!.€“ Keep improving at that pace and we€™ll have a star on our hands!

We turned to the class (thanks Nick) to put together their own routine as we nija-handed and six-counted our way to Lindy Excellence, you all looked super BRIL

Exclamation mark.


Lindy 2 this week learned that so long as you attend a.€œschool€ you will not be free of the exposure of the HOMEWORK word.

Next week, Katelyn and I are very much looking forward to seeing the fruits of your imagination in the form of your very own swing out variations!

For those of you that weren€™t at class, please treat this is an invite to come down next week and (if you like) show us your invented swing out variation.

Oh and class was full of the usual shenanigans, Popping turns, Elongated Kiwi fuits, Watermelons and Conga Lines. Not even joking. See you all next week!