This week at Swing It!

All the classes were packed and the energy was high this week but before we get into that I’d like to mention the Jazz and Wooden Boat Show. What a fantastic day of dancing and Swing music that turned out to be! Perfect weather, perfect music and plenty of dancers there to appreciate it. We couldn’t have asked for a better day (maybe a dance floor, sure). A very special thanks goes out to Jarrad, Lexi, Tree, Annie and the ever brilliant Trev for all their help on the day.


It was a little more technical for Lindy 2 as we were trying out something tricky. However as I said at class, everyone did so well we decided to make it even harder! Girls were spinning, guys were spinning, Emma was showing up everyone in the room…it was chaos! Well done to everyone and we want to see it all on the dance floor this weekend.


Ahoy! There be Swing Out variations! (I don’t know why there’s suddenly a sea faring theme, let’s not ask) A packed (and almost perfectly equal numbered) class with kick ball changes, back slides, side kicks and hops aplenty. Practice, practice, practice and make them your own, Guys and Gals. It’s adding these dimensions to your dancing that really make you grow as Lindy Hoppers. More Jazz you scurvy dogs! (again, don’t ask) In this evening’s class Sharon’s dress was brought to you from Paris, Trev’s shirt from Sweden. Who says people don’t dress up to go to class!


We’re on the home stretch now and have had our first taste of the legendary Swing Out! Practice those basics, practice that footwork because next week we’re heading into the real lead and follow specifics of the move. Just one more week to go and you’ll officially graduate!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Spend it outside if you can, it’s looking really amazing out there!