This week at Swing It!

Classes were brilliant tonight guys and gals! Once again we had a solid night where everyone was firing off on all cylinders.


We got a little tricky here, mixing the sixes and the eights, but everyone did exceptionally well. Remember, a great dance is comprised of different rhythms so mix it up for more fun! It may be daunting at first but practice hard and before long it’ll come naturally…you won’t be needing that calculator to “stay on phrase”. Tip of the hat goes to action man Peter Loh. Great body leads, Pete!


Again a class of dynamics! The speed was up as was the adrenaline. The eight count entry to Back Charleston followed by a new eight count exit. Then it was taking it home with some wild Hacksaws! Keep in mind the trick to that Back Charleston entry is solid frame and good, solid leading from the guys. You all had it but kudos to Tim for picking it up so fast and having that great lead in for the follows.


It was week two and, like the Lindy 2 class, we were mixing our eights with our sixes! Looking great! Those Charlestons were tricky but, Man, you all had em looking great by the end of class. However man of the hour, I think we all know, was Big Linton over there in Smurf Village. Doing us all proud, Man.

Have a great weekend everyone and I hope to see you either at the Mustang or the GREAT Jazz and Wooden Boat Festival this Sunday.