What a night!

Well we certainly got everything off to an action packed start! Many thanks to all those who came down and joined in on the fun and crazy antics of Wednesday night’s classes. The room was packed, the energy was high and everyone gave it their all. What more can you ask?!

Smooth Moves:

You guys were GREAT! A nice easy way to start the night and some of those brush steps were out of this world. But when it comes to looking smooth can any of us beat Hock and his awesome style?  Special call out goes to Jarrad…I think he’s found his new favorite move…

Power Moves:

As great as the previous class was, this was were the REAL action was at! Everyone looked so incredible it was something to behold. I really can’t express how brilliant it was to see everyone looking so wild, crazy and filled with energy! The battle at the end was a tough one…Team Bogan Vs Team Mod…it’s a tough call and the jury’s still out. Maybe Jules and Jason can reform their teams for a rematch!

Lindy 1

A very big welcome to our entire Lindy 1 class! The start of (we hope) your Lindy Hop obsession begins here. We had some tricky moves to tackle in this class but everyone had them down by the end of the night. Practice those basics! Next week it gets even crazier. Special mention goes to Twee; you were lookin’ good, Man, and there’s no doubt about it…after seeing your face at the Mustang I knew you’d be addicted right away!

See you all next week!