Victoria Park Classes on the move!

Yes! Crazy I know but Victoria Park is about to move venues all over again and become Swing It! Manning. Just when we were getting settled into our new bowling club venue the bowling club committee suddenly came over with a vicious case of “grumpy” and we’ve been forced to go. It was a little distressing as it blatantly broke the promise they made to us when we initially swapped venues but unfortunately they’re not the kind to worry about such pesky things and aren’t backing down. Luckily for us another venue has jumped at the chance to have us there on a weekly basis and are looking forward to having Lindy Hoppers grace their premises!

WHERE ARE CLASSES THIS WEEK? This Wednesday classes will be held at the usual location – The Lathlain/Carlisle Bowls Club! We’re not moving yet! We’d love to see you all down at the bowls club to give us a big old send off before we scoot off to our new venue!

WHERE ARE CLASSES MOVING TO? Classes will be moving to the Manning Senior Citizens Club on Downey Drive in Manning. As luck would have it the new venue is even better than our last one! There’s a big dance room with a wooden floor, a HUGE kitchen for coffee and tea after class, and a big room off to the side so everyone can practice their moves and socialise afterwards. Not to mention that but the new location has GREAT access from the Mitchell Freeway; if you’re heading south simply take the Manning Road exit and then right at the first set of lights, if you’re going North take the Canning Hwy exit and then loop back around to take right the Manning Road exit from the north.

Here’s a MAP!

WHEN ARE CLASSES MOVING? This week will be our last week in the old venue and NEXT week, Wednesday the 12th September, will see us take up residence in our new venue!

We look forward to seeing everyone this week at the regular Victoria Park Classes!