Class Reviews: Mt Lawley!

It really is cake week at Swing It!

To celebrate the Lindy 1’s graduation into the wide world of Lindy hop, we did swing outs and then we ate cake! It was a wonderful night. A huge congratulations to all of you who soldiered through to the end. You look fabulous, well done! We can’t wait to see you out there on the dance floor.

Enriched with the sugar-y goodness they stole from the Lindy 1s, Lindy 2 took to the floor and knocked our socks off with their killer swing outs! Jarrad got the guys styling it up with moves that included a lot of weird scatting, and Lexi hooked the girls up with cuteness – I’m telling you ladies, swing outs are all about looking CUTE!
Snaps go to Deb, Ken and Justin whose swing outs transformed into SUPER DUPER SWING OUTS during the class!