Breakaway Class Part 2 "Breakharder"

Due to popular demand (no really…it’s actually been popularly demanded) Jojo and I will be continuing on with the Breakaway Specialty class!  Everyone came so, SO close to absolutely nailing the Breakaway and it’s my understanding that many of you would like another chance at it.  So with that in mind, and with the intention of teaching the “Harlem Breakaway”, we’ll be doing a Part 2!  Whilst this class is being primarily offered to those that attended Part 1 it doesn’t mean that if you missed that you won’t be able to attend this class (although it will mean it’ll be harder for you so if you’re confident in your Swing Out…come on down).

The class will take place on Wednesday 21st February at 9.00pm in place of Lindy 3.  Price is $12 as usual.