Review: 10th March

It’s sometimes inconvenient for us to get twisted up in knots when we’re dancing.  We’ve all been there, something goes a little bit wrong and you wind up in a position you can’t get out of.  But imagine if you had planned it and not only could you get into the awkward position but you could get out…  That’s what Lindy 2 was all about.

So we twisting and turned and got a little bit dizzy, but we now have an arsenal of moves that look pretty tricky.  Mt Lawley for the win!

Our Lindy 1s will fly the nest next week and we’re very excited!  We spent this week polishing up some old favourites and learning some new things.  I might have failed you on the front of new analogies, but Jarrad did manage to come up with an aeroplane metaphor later in the night that I didn’t really understand.  But then again, I don’t know planes.

Next week: St Patrick’s Day!  Come as a leprechaun and join in a mass exodus to Fibber McGee’s!

The Song of the Week was Count Basie’s Moten Swing.

– Lexi