Review: 15th September

Many basics were styled last night as we had Week 1 of our Lindy 2 course as well as a whole bunch of new Lindy 1s!  Great fun all round with some impromptu sledging between Ben and Nash…

We’re kicking off again into the Styling Your Basics course for Lindy 2 but this time round there’s some new twists and turns.  Same concept, different moves.  It was a real pleasure seeing some of the Lindy 1s moving up from our last course and getting into the style of Lindy Hop (we’re looking at you, Matt).  Of course we could always rely on Nash and Ben to take things to a whole new level…I’m just not sure if it was a higher or lower one.  Entertainment is always guaranteed at Subi!

We also had Ben as our special guest DJ who did an excellent job of spinning some great tunes; he even managed to get through a whole night without playing Justin Timberlake.  Who would have thought.

See you next week!