Review: 29th June

Lindy 1 this week saw some amazing things – Robs shirt, Adrians ‘dancing socks’ and Sarah and Lindsays matching outfits (who would have thought navy blue and pink could look so good!).
We soon had the music loud and the feet moving in a Charleston-like manner. As the tunes got faster, the jumpers came off, and everyone was nailing the variations and entry/exits. I’m looking forward getting by your side on the dance floor!

It was backcharleston WIN in lindy 2 this week! Everyone improved immensely and smiles were aplenty (look’n at you Kin Grin). Lots of great questions and some great looking dancing – congrats to this weeks star winners. I was having a blast being lead through the moves as a follow, and that really says something about the leads! Mark was rocking a great pulse and a stellar t-shirt to boot. Again it was great to catch you all at the pub! We’re now “regulars”. Perhaps this review isn’t quite so quirky, but, what can I say, some things are so good they don’t need sugar coating – just like wheatbix.